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Welcome to Foreign Car Services  

Since 1987 Foreign Car Services has been providing quality craftsmanship for foreign car enthusiasts in the greater Kalamazoo area. What makes service here unique? One name: Claudio Kaempf. As you might guess, even Claudio is German made.


Claudio not only services foreign cars, he drives them - hard. Hard enough to be the perennial winner of the Porshe Club of American racing events. He drives a 1970 Porche 911 with some very secret engine tuning ingredients.


You may not be racing your BMW, VW, Audi or Porsche yet few people know them in such depth as Claudio. Put him under the hood and both you and your car will be singing a beautiful song togther.


Thank you for stopping by and visit us. You will find that we provide the finest in quality craftsmanship and expertise in servicing your foreign cars. Protect your investment and do it right.